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Dr. John W. Hanes is an author, entrepreneur, executive coach, and organization effectiveness consultant who speaks on a wide range of subjects including leadership, teamwork and interpersonal effectiveness.His dynamic, fast paced and hard hitting style has been well received by executive audiences for over 25 years.

Presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your audience. Dr. Hanes lives in southern California and has given presentations to groups ranging in size from 8 to 10,000 people in all 50 states and 11 countries.

To Contact Dr. Hanes and book him for your next workshop, please contact him:

By Phone : (909) 336-3675
By E-mail : johnwhanes @ aol.com

By Mail : P.O. Box 839
Lake Arrowhead, CA, 92352


Change Focused Leadership: Ten Proven Strategies For Success In Uncertain Times

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To get ahead in hard times, organizations need agile, innovative leaders who challenge the status quo in response to the new competitive realities. Change Focused Leadership is a battle tested ten step process to equip and inspire such leaders.

  1. Be bold where others fear to tread
  2. Secure exceptional talent
  3. Gain traction through teamwork
  4. Use trust as the glue that cements relationships
  5. Change the playing field through culture
  6. Grow your seed corn, don't eat it
  7. Energize the workforce
  8. Plan ahead or plan to fail
  9. Create a power base
  10. Avoid "one size fits all" performance management

Winning With Style: The Art Of Interpersonal Effectiveness In Business

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Of the most frequent causes of executive career derailment, half are attributable to interpersonal ineffectiveness. It may be obvious that people bring wide ranging needs, values and styles into the workplace. Yet amazingly, the core of most peoples behavior tends to cluster around a relatively small number of themes. Without a framework to categorize these varied styles, leaders tend to operate purely on intuition. This is an inefficient, frustrating and unproductive way to interact with others. Winning with Style will help audiences:

  • Learn their own core interpersonal preferences
  • Understand the needs and motivations of others
  • Develop winning "sales" presentations
  • Become more emotionally intelligent
  • More effectively manage conflicts
  • Create conditions that people find highly motivational
  • Avoid generational warfare

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Team Top Gun Seminar

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Work of all kinds is increasingly being performed by teams. Regardless of the type of team (i.e. self-directed, executive, project or departmental), leadership and facilitation effectiveness are always key ingredients. Unfortunately, team leadership skills cannot be learned from a book or the internet. Thus we have created a fast-paced, demanding, highly interactive three-day developmental experience designed to:

  • Improve skills in leading in an empowered team-oriented workplace.
  • Combine strategic, tactical and personal content into an integrated approach to leadership.
  • Provide in-depth analysis/awareness of leadership style and abilities.
  • Provide in-depth insight into strengths, weaknesses and preferences.
  • Generate an action plan to improve leadership performance.
  • Create team synergy through a powerful collective experience.

1) Target Audience

  • Teams desiring to improve team effectiveness.
  • Managers at upper middle, middle and first levels who lead in a team environment.
  • Fast track high potential managers.
  • Employees needing to improve interpersonal skills.

2) Demographics

  • Age Range: 25-60
  • Avg. Age: 40
  • 60% Male - 40% Female
  • Director and above: 30%
  • Manager: 40%
  • Supervisor: 30%

The ability of this program to effect real and lasting improvement in performance derives from several unique factors:

  1. State-of-the-art content that fully covers the key requisites for success in team-based organizations.
  2. In-depth Assessment of strengths and weaknesses using a battery of psychometric instruments.
  3. Boss/team member/peer input from the workplace on the participant's current level of effectiveness via the Executive Effectiveness Profile.
  4. Interactive, participant centered instructional methods including numerous structured exercises and case studies.
  5. Application-oriented instructor with extensive real world business experience and outstanding academic credentials. Dr. Hanes has personally trained over 21,000 managers.
  6. Action Planning - Participants complete an extensive 24-page plan to transfer learning into enhanced performance.
  7. Restricted class size (maximum 30) permits personal attention.

More information is also available here: http://www.effectivenessdimensions.com/

Change Focused Leadership In The Media

Dr. John W. Hanes joined Christopher McAuliffe on his talk show The Coaching Show on June 24th. Listen to that interview here.

Dr John W. Hanes joined Dave Horne on his talk show The Career Mechanic. Listen to his interview here.


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