This book will challenge you, inspire you and guide you through the process of building a superior performing organization at every level during these difficult times.

John Hanes wants to help you become the most effective leader you can be by showing you how to focus your change efforts on the things which will result in optimal impact for your enterprise.

Why do some organizations thrive in recessionary times and emerge even stronger while others wither and die? The answer, says John Hanes is that winning organizations have legions of "change-focused leaders" at every level, not just one lone visionary at the top. They follow a proven formula for exercising dynamic leadership to both survive uncertain times and flourish for years to come.

Sadly, many organizations are saddled with a dysfunctional culture characterized by:

  • Mind numbing bureaucracy
  • Toxic bosses
  • Hesitancy and indecisiveness
  • Appalling indifference to customers
  • A cloak of secrecy
  • Frequent and costly errors

To get ahead in tough times, organizations need agile, innovative leaders who challenge the dysfunctional status quo in response to the new and brutal competitive realities. Change-Focused Leadership is a time tested process designed to equip and inspire such leaders regardless of their position in the institution.

In this book Dr. Hanes presents insightful best practice examples from dozens of leaders and gleaned from his 32 year career of helping organizations maximize their effectiveness. He provides the models and strategies that has made his three day Team Top Gun leadership seminar one of the nations finest developmental experiences. As an added bonus, "The Organization Environment Index" and "Leadership Team Dysfunction Index" located at the back of the book are hands on tools that can be used to assess the current effectiveness of your team.

Dr. John W Hanes is president of Effectiveness Dimensions International, a worldwide consulting firm based in southern california. He has personally trained nearly 24,000 leaders in over 800 organizations throughout the world. He is the author of 11 psychometric instruments, 7 training simulations and has conducted over 1,500, three hour executive candidate assessments.

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Change Focused Leadership rates a ten out of ten for strategies to lead in times of uncertainty. Dr. Hanes goes beyond the mere invitation to step up and embrace change, he provides readers with a comprehensive and practical tool kit to decisively lead in new and better ways. Whether you see yourself as a leader and agent of visionary change or as a team player and willing participant in the pursuit of change for the better, this book is an indispensable 'must read'.

Dr. Michael Burns
President & COO,
Ferndale Pharma Group


Change Focused Leadership provides managers and leaders essential information for success that is relevant to a broad spectrum of organizations. I intend to make this an integral part of our management development program at CNA.

Christine Fox
The Center For Naval Analyses


Change Focused Leadership offers clear, succinct, and hard hitting advice for leaders who are motivated to improve any organization from any managerial level. Dr. Hanes' insights are derived from years of his personal work assisting real organizations and real leaders. As a participant in several of his programs, I can assure you that you will be a more effective leader after reading this book which could not have been published at a more perfect time.

Ed Harper
Chairman of the Board,
Avocent Corporation


All leaders need coaching... Dr. Hanes' experience working with executives really comes through in "Change Focused Leadership", making it a great tool for leaders at any level to improve their performance. His insights are practical, no nonsense steps that will improve your ability to become a stronger leader.

Jake St. Philip
Former CEO
Biolase Technology, Inc.


The link between leadership and performance is even more important today as we take our teams through difficult economic times while continuing to restore trust. Dr. Hanes clearly outlines the importance of building relationships to enhance collaboration among the ranks. Change Focused Leadership helps leaders see their situation from a different perspective and provides the tools to implement strategies they might never have considered.. This book is a fantastic resource for executives and educators.

Jay Hesse
President & CEO
Blue Ox



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